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Don’t use BIG WORDS. They mean so little. – Oscar Wilde

  • Why is online content important?
  • What is engaging digital content?
  • Content creation
  • Content creation process at BluCloud
  • Repurposing content
  • BluCloud – constantly creating fresh content
  • List of Content Creation Services

Why is online content important?

Whatever it is that you are selling –  it should be the solution for your buyers problem. You definitely want your content to answer the searchers’ question.

 Where do you go first whenever you have a question about a certain subject, problem, product etc…? Do you go to the library or do you just google it? Let’s assume you google it like most of the homo sapiens of the 21st century. In this case, wouldn’t it be great to have your digital content ready to rumble on the first page whenever a searcher shows up?

For the most part, constantly creating fresh content that is relevant to the searchers’ intent helps you to generate traffic, leads and conversion rate.

Furthermore, professionally produced online content will make it possible to improve your online sales funnel.

What is engaging digital content?

Clearly, we all consume all kinds of digital content every day. 

For instance…

Found a great recipe for your favourite italian food? You’ve just consumed online content. 

Googled yourself to a simplified SEO Strategy Guide online? Now there’s a valuable, engaging content. 

Diagnosed your symptoms online? Useful informational content. 

Scrolled through the social media feed of your favourite people, brands or had a laugh about a funny cat? What a fun way to entertain yourself through attractive online content!

You get the point. Now how to create valuable online content that increases sales? The first thing to find out is the intent of your customer

With this in mind…

When you know what they want, need or dream of, you know how to approach them with the right attitude and the relevant solutions at the right time. Apart from this you want to create a relationship with them and make them feel that you speak their language. Thus you need visual content that captures the right feelings and says more than a thousand words.

After all, we are all just humans with our simple needs and desires. The right time to meet your customers on their journey is all the time. You don’t need to wait for them to need your product. Just keep on creating great content and simply make them enjoy your creation and want your product. Besides, the guy who really needs your service will anyway find it if your web content is optimized 

So let’s get straight to the point and create content that engages and converts.

Content creation

Providing useful information or entertaining content to your audience is not only a great way to keep their attention, but also a useful tool to build brand awareness, improve your brands loyalty and ultimately generate traffic to your website. Moreover it will help you to generate leads on your website, increase direct sales and generate revenue for your business! 

After all, 60% of consumers enjoy reading relevant content from brands, 82% of consumers feel more positive about a company after reading custom content and 70% of customers feel closer to a company as a result of content marketing. Check out these statistics and wait no longer to start to create some fresh web content!

Content creation process at BluCloud

There are many kinds of engaging custom content that anyone with an online presence would like to consider creating for their website and social media.

At BluCloud the content creation process starts with Target Audience Definition, Content Planning and Content Creation Strategy and is followed by SEO Content Creation, Content Editing, Content Publishing and Content Analyze.

Depending on your ideas, goals, needs and budget we will provide you a Content Plan and a Content Strategy. Hence, you will have a clear overview about further Content Creation Services to implement on your website.

Briefly, we offer content creation services starting with texts, like SEO copywriting and finishing with visual content creation, like photography, video production, and animations.

You can additionally combine the content creation services with our design or technology services – we love creating infographics, graphic design and interactive CTA solutions.

In addition, we will guide you through the whole content development process by analyzing, brainstorming, writing, creating, editing, uploading and publishing engaging content for your company. 

We would love to be your partners by creating content for your website, online shop or social media in order to generate traffic and improve your online sales funnel. The more content you create the more successful your business will become, because content equals sales growth

Repurposing content

So, as you can see, it plays a big role to repurpose your content – as soon as you have useful quality content for your audience, it is wise to find ways to turn that already existing into another form of online content that will engage your customers on other platforms. 


Well, let’s assume that you have a good text with some useful information. First, turn it into an awesome infographic!

Second, why not make an animated version of it and post it on your youtube channel so that customers and influencers could share it on their social media? 

Finally, you could then make 3 shorter clips of that same animation and share those, let’s say on Instagram. 

In short, the point is that you want to spend the least time possible on creating content and the most time on making it spread on different platforms and across devices.

BluCloud – constantly creating fresh content

Here at BluCloud, we want to make sure that you get the real deal – the whole package for your web content creation. We thrive on long-term results and thus work with our clients as long-term partners – we will continuously develop your content so that you can focus on staying inside your everyday business. 

Check out our Content Creation Services and let us create the surround system for your business!

List of Content Creation Services

Target Audience Definition

Content Planning

Content Creation Strategy

SEO Content Writing

Video Production


Illustrations & graphics

Social Media content creation

Interactive Web Content

Content Editing

Content Publishing

Content Analyze

Content Marketing